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project description

An interactive cube simulates karate breaking, arcade-like game experience.
Main purpose of the project is entertaining, playing, and relieving stress.
As users play with cube, they can get arcade- like visual and sound feedback from the cube depending how strong they hit.
Scoreboard is there to create game experience and belt colors simulate real life user experience.

Who made it?

Nevana Kocic

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Woonyung Choi

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Process of the project

The structure of this game is straight forward. As hard as you hit, it changes the color of the belt like an actual karate.

Depending on how users hit the cube, the color of belt is changed.

Karate blocks are displayed on the cube itself.

Documentation of the project

Process of how we assemble the cube.

The bodyweight keeps the cube in place when hitting and we sewed a robe for two cubes so that they can be transformed and standing on top of each other (for adults) or next to each other (so that the height suits to the kids). The fabric sewed with conductive thread from on both and opposite sides of the foam that works exactly same as FSR.

For more information for the documentation:
you can check it out in here

The main purpose of this project is fun! free from stress!

Please enjoy it!